Murashige & Skoog Basic Medium 1/3 Macro

Item number: MD0630

Category: Basic Medium 1/3 Macro


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Modification of the popular medium formulation according to Murashige & Skoog (1962). The concentration of the macro elements was reduced to 1/3. The micronutrients and vitamins are present in the original concentration.

Recommended for plant species which are vulnerable to the osmotic concentration due to the high content of dissolved salts in the original MS formulation. This is often the case for plants with low nutrient requirements

Powder, dissolve in water. Dosage: 1.59 g/l


Murashige, T & F. Skoog. 1962. A revised medium for rapid growth and bio assays with tobacco tissue cultures. Physiologia plantarum 15(3):473-497

Media components: macro elements micro elements vitamins & organics
GHS-Pictograms: 07
Dosage: 1.586 g/l
GHS signal word: Warning
Hazard Statements: H315-H319-H335-H412
Precautionary Statements: P273-P280
Storage Temperature: 2 - 8 °C
SVHC > 0.1 mass-%: Boric acid, CAS-Nr. 10043-35-3.


GHS symbol 07 Exclamation mark
H315: Verursacht Hautreizungen
H319: Verursacht schwere Augenreizung.
H335: Kann die Atemwege reizen.
H412: Schädlich für Wasserorganismen, mit langfristiger Wirkung.
P273: Freisetzung in die Umwelt vermeiden.
P280: Schutzhandschuhe / Augenschutz / Gesichtsschutz tragen.
Aussehen: Pulver
Aggregatzustand: Fest
Dosierung: 1,59 g/l
Lagertemperatur: 2 - 8 °C


Kaliumdihydrogenphosphat KH2PO4 56,667 mg/l
Calciumchlorid CaCl2 110,733 mg/l
Ammonium Nitrat NH4NO3 550,000 mg/l
Kaliumnitrat KNO3 633,333 mg/l
Magnesiumsulfat MgSO4 60,180 mg/l
Kupfer(II)Sulfat Pentahydrat CuSO4· 5 H2O 0,025 mg/l
Cobalt(II)Chlorid Hexahydrat CoCl2· 6 H2O 0,025 mg/l
Eisenchelat FeNaEDTA 36,700 mg/l
Borsäure H3BO3 6,200 mg/l
Kaliumiodid KI 0,830 mg/l
Mangan(II)Sulfat Monohydrat MnSO4 · H2O 16,900 mg/l
Natriummolybdat Dihydrat Na2MoO4· 2 H2O 0,250 mg/l
Zink Sulfat Heptahydrat ZnSO4· 7 H2O 8,600 mg/l
Glycin 2,000 mg/l
myo-Inositol 100,000 mg/l
Nikotinsäure 0,500 mg/l
Pyridoxin HCl 0,500 mg/l
Thiamin HCl 0,100 mg/l

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