Protocols for in vitro culture establishment

We offer to check our database for possible media formulations, adapted to the needs of your cultures. After it, you will receive non-binding recommendations for suitable products from our range, supported by literature references / protocols.

For the most relevant and accurate results, we need parameters such as

  • genre
  • name of species, possibly lower taxon details
  • medium formulation
    • solid medium
    • liquid medium (for bioreactors or multi-phase media)
  • explant type

Cultivation technique / stage

  • seed germination
  • callus formation
  • organogenesis
  • omatic embryogenesis

Our database matches does not always lead to sufficient results, which allows a precise definition of a suitable culture medium - especially for very rare species. It often happens that given data is not specific enough and only empirical data for superordinate taxonomy levels are available (e. g. for the plant genus). As a rule, these cannot generally be applied to the groups below. Also within a species, unpredictable results may occur within the framework of different in vitro culture techniques.