Syringe filters: Membrane pore size reduced

13.03.2018 23:47

Important note on our syringe filter types for sterile filtration with the article number EQ105 or EQ109, which have both been replaced by the new article ID prefix EQ117 and EQ118 respectively.

The pore size was reduced from 0.22 Ám to 0.20 Ám.

As a result, the filter retains now even smaller contaminant particles. However, this may require increased pressure build-up during filtration, if necessary also a reduction of the sample quantity to be filtered (further on > 100 ml per filter).

The maximum permissible operating pressure for the 30 mm caliber is 6 bar. The following table shows which operating pressures can be achieved with manual filtration / hand pressure filtration depending on the syringe volumes:

Syringe volume Pressure bar / PSI
1 ml 10 / 150
3 ml 7.0 / 100
5 ml 5.0 / 75
10 ml 3.5 / 50
20 ml 2.0 / 30

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