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Category: Carbon sources

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Shipping time: 1 - 3 workdays

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Sucrose is very often used as a carbon source in in vitro culture. The compound contains one molecule each of a-D-glucose and -D-fructose.

As an alternative to this product, normal refined household sugar is also suitable in many cases, particularly for cost reasons. However, we expressly advise against using unrefined brown cane sugar or other whole sugar types.

Synonyms: Sucrose; Sugar; Saccharose; a-D-glucopyranosyl-(1?2)--D-fructofuranoside.
Molecular weight: 342.30
GHS-Pictograms: 00
Sum formula: C12H22O11
CAS-Number: 57-50-1
Storage Temperature: 15 - 25 C
Specifications: Polarisaiztion: min. 99,7 Z
Moisture: max. 0,06 %
Invert sugar: max. 0,04 %
Residue on ignition: max. 0,0108 %
Total plate count: max. 200 cfu/10 g

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