Labour Flask GL45-Thread Borosilicate

Item number: EQ101

Category: Labour Flask


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The SIMAX laboratory bottles are optimal suited for the production and storage of culture media.Made of clear borosilicate glass, with graduation, incl.screw plug, completely autoclavable. The glass has excellent chemical proper ties and a high thermal resistance. It is chemically resistant and stable. After completion with a plastic pouring ring, the bottles enable liquids to be easily poured out. All bottles of the volume 100ml and higher have the same thread size, the screw cups can be mutually interchanged. The bottle, pouring ring, and screw cup can be sterilized.

Handling instructions:
Freezing of substances
•  Freeze the bottle in a skew position (about 45°) and filled up to max. 3/4 (volume expansion).
•  Temperature limit: -40 °C as plastic lids and pouring rings do not resist to lower temperatures.

Thawing of substances
•  Thawing of a frozen material can be carried out by submerging the bottle into a liquid bath (temperature
difference should not exceed 100 °C ). The frozen material will thus be heated up uniformly from all sides and the
bottle will not be damaged. Thawing can also be accomplished slowly from the top so that the sur face is first liquefied and the material can expand.

•  During sterilization, the screw cup can only lightly be fitted on the bottle (screwed with max. one rotation). Pressures are not equalized when the bottle is closed. The pressure difference created in this way can result in the bottle breakage.

Pressure resistance
•  The laboratory bottles are not suitable for works under pressure or vacuum.

Material: Clear borosilicate glass
Graduation: Available, accuracy ± 10%
Thread: DIN GL45
Bottle top: Polypropylen (PP), with pouring ring
Temperature range with bottle top incl. outer ring: -40 - +140 °C
Temperature range glass bottle without bottle top: -70 - +500 °C
Thermal shock resistance: 100 °C