Knudson C Basic Salts Morel-mod. incl. Sucrose

Item number: MD231

Category: Knudson C


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Macro- and micronutrients and sucrose for Cymbidium seed sowing. Formulation as described by Knudson (1946), modified by Morel (1965).

The medium is very minimalistic, especially regarding the microelements. Therefore, it is often enriched with other additives such as coconut water or banana powder.


Ammonium nitrate 500,00 mg/l
Ammonium sulfate 500,00 mg/l
Calcium nitrate 241,3 mg/l
Ferrous sulfate x 7H2O 25,00 mg/l
Magnesium sulfate 122,13 mg/l
Manganese sulfate x H2O 5,68 mg/l
Potassium chloride 250,00 mg/l
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate 250,00 mg/l
Sucrose 20,00 g/l



1. Knudson, L. "A new nutrient solution for germination of orchid seed." American Orchid Society Bulletin 15.9 (1946): 214-217.

2. Morel, G. "Clonal propagation of orchids by meristem culture." Cymbidium Soc News 20.3 (1965).

Media components: macro elements micro elements carbon source
Release class: Release class 0
GHS-Pictograms: 07
Dosage: 21.91 g/l
GHS signal word: Warning
Hazard Statements: H315-H319-H335-H412
Precautionary Statements: P273-P280
Storage Temperature: 15 - 25 °C

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