Gellan Powder

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Popular gel matrix agent for plant tissue culture applications. Produces a high transparent gel. It is stable over a wide pH range and compatible to many media. 

Gellan requires divalent cations like Ca2+ to form a stable gel. If media with very low Ca2+-concentration is used (like a MS-modification with 10 % macroelement strength), the replacement of gellan with agar is preferrable.

The formation and mechanical properties of a gellan gel is dependent from the pH. An increased pH leads to reduced junction zone formations and a decrease in molecular aggregation, reducing gel rigidity, but increasing gel deformability due to higher mobility of the strands. Low pH values lead to a higher complex viscosity (Picone & Cunha 2011).

Recommended dosage: 2 g/l, depending to the desired gel strength.

Synonyms: Gellan gum, Low-acyl gellan.
GHS-Pictograms: 00
CAS-Number: 71010-52-1
EG-Number: 275-117-5
Storage Temperature: 15 - 25 °C
References: Picone, C. S. F., & Cunha, R. L. (2011). Influence of pH on formation and properties of gellan gels. Carbohydrate Polymers, 84(1), 662-668.
Aussehen: Weißes Pulver
Aggregatzustand: Fest
Gelstärke: Min. 800 g/cm2 (je nach Medium)
Trocknungsverlust: ≤ 16 %
Transparenz: Min. 85 %
Lagerung: RT
Autoklavierbar: Ja

Technische Daten

Molare Masse (M): 1000 kg/mol
pH Wert: 7
>Geliertemperatur: 27 - 32 °C *
CAS-Nr.: 71010-52-1
EG-Nr.: 275-117-5

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