Discount for Brazilian plant species rescue projects

02.09.2019 23:55

We're going to support the brave people who are fighting to rescue endangered plant species in the wildfire affected regions of Brazil!

Send us the picture of the plant you found, the geographic coordinates or region where you rescued it from and it's name (if you already could classify it).

How we will support you:
We will do our best to give individual recommendations for micropropagation and tissue culture maintenance protocols, together with an offer of required materials + a remarkable discount. Plain media like MS will be discounted up to 75 %. We will pay for economy shipping fees if applicable.

Be careful out there...


Hello, we are from Chapada dos Veadeiros Brazil, we are the first tissue culture lab on the zone, working hard with the conservation of genetic resources, we would be very happy to be part of the discount program as our national Park of Chapada dos veadeiros had a big portion of it destroyed by fires 2 years ago. hope to hear an answer =) thank you very much; Arthur Dempsey Biotechnologis

Arthur D., 2019-12-11 16:29:38
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